If you are working with DAX and do more than single line statements, you will frequently find yourself wishing for a powerful editor with proper syntax highlighting. Below I explain how to use Notepad++ for that purpose. While I use DAX mostly in Power BI, it of course works just …

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You couldn’t resist, could you? That’s ok … everyone loves a rebel.

Very early in my career I realized that for many organizations things are not always going as they should and started focusing on how to improve the way we work together.

I have been doing this for more …

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During the past almost three decades I certainly booked hundreds of flights without any problems. This changed last week. Read how an ordinary trip turned extraordinary – and not in a good way.…

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Organizational Development

  • Established organizational structure
  • Mentored middle management
  • Defined strategy and KPIs for measuring strategy progress and success
  • Driving the move from classic hierarchy to a more organic structure

Process & Tools Improvements

  • Consolidated and standardized process landscape (based on BPMN)
  • Unified existing tools and introduced new ones, where needed
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I will just go ahead and assume that nobody demotivates his employees or team members on purpose. At the same time not each and every person with some kind of people responsibility can be completely incompetent in leading these people. And yet, motivation drains away almost everywhere one looks.

This …

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