Maintaining Motivation

I will just go ahead and assume that nobody demotivates his employees or team members on purpose. At the same time not each and every person with some kind of people responsibility can be completely incompetent in leading these people. And yet, motivation drains away almost everywhere one looks.

At the end of this post you can find the whole text as a PDF file.

This raises two major questions:
How does this happen?
How do we stop it?


Meeting Minutes - What, How and Why to do them Better

“Meeting Minutes” I say and hear you groan. If meetings are a waste of time, then their related minutes even more so. That’s certainly true and quite a large part of all meetings are a waste of time. But one cannot deny that there are useful ones (and not too few, either). This article focuses on how to efficiently preserve and share what was discussed in these meetings.


Job Levels & Salary Bandwidths

This Insight has been on my mind (and in my drafts) for several months. Partly because I was busy withAt the end of this post you can find the whole text as a PDF file.other things, but mostly because I was trying to identify the best suited criteria for creating a model, which is fair, flexible and understandable. You can find the results below.


Team Bonus Distribution

Loosely related to my earlier article about performance reviews this is about the challenge of distributing aAt the end of this post you can find the whole text as a PDF file.bonus to multiple team members. It is not practical to instigate an individual performance review with each of them, so an alternative approach is called for. Below I provide my thoughts on this.

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