I have been working with Power BI pretty much since it was released and while there were not too many resources available back then, this has changed dramatically. Here I try to give a consolidated overview of those that I find most useful. Let me know, if you have any …

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If you are working with DAX and do more than single line statements, you will frequently find yourself wishing for a powerful editor with proper syntax highlighting. Below I explain how to use Notepad++ for that purpose. While I use DAX mostly in Power BI, it of course works just …

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You couldn’t resist, could you? That’s ok … everyone loves a rebel.

Very early in my career I realized that for many organizations things are not always going as they should and started focusing on how to improve the way we work together.

I have been doing this for more …

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During the past almost three decades I certainly booked hundreds of flights without any problems. This changed last week. Read how an ordinary trip turned extraordinary – and not in a good way.…

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Organizational Development

  • Established organizational structure
  • Mentored middle management
  • Defined strategy and KPIs for measuring strategy progress and success
  • Driving the move from classic hierarchy to a more organic structure

Process & Tools Improvements

  • Consolidated and standardized process landscape (based on BPMN)
  • Unified existing tools and introduced new ones, where needed
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