Achievements (4)

Organizational Development

  • Established organizational structure
  • Mentored middle management
  • Defined strategy and KPIs for measuring strategy progress and success
  • Driving the move from classic hierarchy to a more organic structure

Process & Tools Improvements

  • Consolidated and standardized process landscape (based on BPMN)
  • Unified existing tools and introduced new ones, where needed
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Organization & People Management

  • introduced and improved operational processes
    • reduced project duration by 80%
    • increased number of simultaneously executed number of projects by 100%
  • improved development productivity
    • implemented Scrum
    • shortened release cycles by 20% in the first year
  • reorganized Deuromedia S.R.L. in Brasov, Romania
    • reviewed and rebuilt teams for administration,
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  • analyzed, designed and implemented collaboration and project management platforms
    • planned and deployed intranet for 3500 employees in 10 locations across Austria
    • evaluated, designed and implemented enterprise project management solution
    • reduced maintenance effort for data storage by 60%
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Organization & Management

  • built, managed and optimized professional services organization (appr. 30 people with six direct reports)
  • reduced average project duration by 50% by the means of standardization
  • introduced collaboration platform for better knowledge sharing
    • reduced time for sharing and finding information
    • reduced maintenance cost and effort for IT infrastructure
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