• track record in developing strong leadership organization and teams
  • setting business directions for the team
  • providing feedback and coaching to team members
  • creating a passionate culture to encourage challenges

Customer Focus

  • Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of stakeholders (customers, vendors, direct reports, and senior management)
  • getting first-hand information and using it for improvements in the delivery of services
  • acting with stakeholders in mind
  • establishing and maintaining effective relationships with stakeholders and gaining their respect and trust
  • negotiating successfully through difficult situations with customers while maintaining a sense of diplomacy

Priority Management and Multi Tasking

  • able to organize large volume tasks and projects and to set priorities quickly and effectively
  • remaining focused on the top 3-5 priorities at a time
  • having a broad perspective on what is important and being able to identify what is mission critical and what is not
  • able to embrace change; switching priorities easily if necessary
  • able to thoroughly examine problems, research effective solutions, analyze available alternatives and determine appropriate solutions
    skilled at honest analysis; looking beyond the obvious

Drive for Results

  • can be counted on to deliver results
  • constantly pushing myself and others to achieve or exceed set goals
  • able to work cross-functionally and effectively utilizing resources through negotiation and influencing to achieve results
  • taking calculated risks to achieve success

Executive Presentation Skills

  • can effectively present in a variety of settings including one-on-one, small and large groups with peers and upper management
    able to clearly present and communicate data that is considered difficult, controversial or negative

Process Management

  • able to figure out the processes necessary to get things done
  • can organize people and activities
  • can identify process issues, propose solutions and implement a clear plan of action
  • simplifying complex processes


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