XEN Information Systems AG

Organization & Management

  • built, managed and optimized professional services organization (appr. 30 people with six direct reports)
  • reduced average project duration by 50% by the means of standardization
  • introduced collaboration platform for better knowledge sharing
    • reduced time for sharing and finding information
    • reduced maintenance cost and effort for IT infrastructure by 35%
  • optimized development and customer service processes
    • reduced average duration of development cycles by 40%
    • introduced bug tracking, reporting and analysis
    • reduced number of bugs by 30%
    • implemented incident tracking and analysis system
    • increased number of incidents solved by 1st level support by 100%
    • improved customer satisfaction and understanding with

Key Account Management

  • increased revenue with key account by 10 to 15% per year over 5 years
  • maintained and improved customer relations
  • established and increased level of customer satisfaction
  • negotiated and implemented Service Level Agreements (SLA)

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